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    Hello, Ralf!
    First of all, thank you for creating VorpX, to be honest, it was quite difficult to use it at first, every game was complicated to set up, but with each new try I learned new things about VorpX that I applied and eventually I came to know how to use it and appreciate its full potential in my games. I was able to discover my favorite game (Dishonored) in a completely new light thanks to you, so thank you for all your work, you have created an incredible software!

    I’m writing this post to suggest you to add a new feature that will easily improve the appearance of games in VorpX: “Color Filters”.
    To be more precise, I am thinking about integrating a LUT system into VorpX because it is very easy to customize for users and it will take almost no space in the VorpX interface!

    I will explain what it is, ReShade or ENB users often use it, in fact a LUT is a png image that can be easily manipulated in Photoshop, Gimp or even ReShade and allows to apply important color changes to any game. Everything can be modified for example : invert colors, put black and white, add contrast, remove a color too present (less yellow in “Two Ex HR” or “Vampire Bloodlines” for example) it also allows to adapt colors with specific palettes to help color blind people to better distinguish some colors for example. In short, a LUT can change everything and in a quite easy way for the users, you just have to modify an image!

    Here are some tutorials on how to create one for use in ReShade :

    This is what the png of an LUT looks like:

    Just take a picture of a game, add the png of a blank LUT over it and make the changes you want on any image editing software or with ReShade. The LUT will also take its modifications and transcribe them into a color filter in the game (thanks to ReShade or ENB).

    In VorpX, I imagine a new “Color Filter” menu in the “Image Settings” tab where you can choose to apply a predefined LUT or a custom LUT. The png’s of the LUT’s are all stored in “My Documents” in the VorpX folder where they can be modified by users or left as is if they wish.

    If you want to see a more concrete example, I invite you to use ReShade to try the MultilUT effect to see the different possibilities and why not let you create such an effect to see how easy it is to do (there is LUT.fx in the ReShade shaders if you want to see what the code looks like and a blank LUT png in the textures called “lut.png”).

    Here are many examples of color palettes created and usable in games using LUTs: (my favorite palettes)

    Voila, I know you probably have a lot of other more important things to do to improve VorpX (I’m the first to look forward to them) but I think the easily customizable color filters would be a really interesting addition, it can really improve the look and feel of a game and even more in virtual reality!

    Don’t hesitate to ask me questions, all this text has been translated with “Google translate” because I don’t speak English (I’m French) so it may not be very understandable.

    I can also create LUTs for VorpX if you need them of course!

    EDIT: If you don’t have the time or desire to create a LUT system there is also an alternative solution, it would be enough to allow to use ReShade with VorpX (VorpX would use the game image already modified by Reshade before applying its own modification for the VR) it would allow to use all the color effects you want (be careful, the effects that need to use the “Z-Buffer” like Ray Tracing or MXAO probably won’t work, you’ll have to limit yourself to simpler effects).


    I reuploaded the image that is not displayed in my previous post.


    Nice idea for vorpx I didn’t know it was so easy to do with photoshop
    thanks for the tip! ;-)


    A more feature rich image post processing pipeline would certainly be nice to have, it actually is even designed to add any amount of additional effects quite easily. The only thing missing are according shaders, but at this point that is not really a priority to be honest.


    Thanks for your answer, yes I suspected that there were other things much more important.

    In this case would it be possible to simply add a single blank LUT (which would be in My Documents and would not require any interface in VorpX) that is applied to all profiles, so that if you don’t change it, there is no difference, and if someone wants to change all the colors (to allow color-blind people like my brother to see the game better.) he still has this possibility?


    I’m sorry I guess your idea for a lut won’t be around for a while. :-/


    How did you manage to include so many links into one posting ?
    I can only post one link, posting two makes my post invisible.


    I think it would be great if you somehow implement ReShade within the vorpX interface. Nothing, and I mean nothing, would be as useful for fixing games. Take games with poor AA options (looking at you Fallout 4) – you can fix that in a matter of minutes with virtually zero performance loss using ReShade. It’s also helpful for fixing games coded by dingbats that think “HDR” means crushed blacks and blown out whites (looking at you Skyrim) when HDR actually means the opposite (proper HDR lets you see more detail in both the darkest and brightest portions of scenes). Then add the plethora of fantastic filters that let you correct unusual aesthetic decisions, like the overly colorful and soft “this is a video game!” look of FO4 (use ReShade to decrease the saturation and add film grain, glorious!) There is thread or two over at the Pimax forums trying to get Pimax to implement a way to force ReShade to work on their HMDs, which has gotten quite a bit of attention.


    I agree, being able to use reshade with vorpx would be really great, it would fix almost all color problems and add good anti-aliasing, bloom and many other new effects, but it probably won’t happen right away or not at all. But we have to stay positive, it’s already nice to be able to play our favorite games in vr! :-p


    This is actually one way that vorpX already shines; the sharpening filter. It’s fantastic. It makes such a difference. Fallout 3 is hands-down the best looking “VR” game I’ve got because I can run it at high resolutions with 4X REAL Anti Aliasing (no useless stuff like TAA) and then use the vorpX sharpening filter. FO3 ends up having almost zero aliasing, and being very crisp.

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