If i create a updated Cloud Profile, how can i remove the previous version?

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    I do not see any Option to delete a previous Cloud Profile once i created a updated Version with better G3D Support as a example, compared to a previous Version of a Cloud Profile.

    I sure add like V2 to it, but i would feel better, if the old one could be removed as a feature as long as i am the author of that Profile.

    Is there a removal by request possibility for this ?
    How do other creatives handle that currently?


    I agree that a removal option would be better, sometimes old profiles become broken after updates, or better profiles are later created.

    For now, one thing you can do if you still have the original file you uploaded, is to attempt to reshare it again, but first change its name to some garbage, like “…..”. That way it will not appear in searches for that game name. A trick I have used before, but admittedly need to do with several of my old profiles.


    Does it upload new profile each time you press “upload” button? I thought it was updating one you have…I must have tons of garbage uploaded for some games then.


    Each profile has an unique id in order not to create a new one on the cloud each time you make changes. I mainly rename a non working profile to something else keeping in mind that it may still work with an older older version of the game though. Best practice should be like: Example: Gothic 7 (old) / Gothic 7 (new). To be on the safe side, add a few lines to your profile explaining for which version of the game it can be used etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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