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    Ralf, thanks for all you do with VorpX! I was hoping maybe you could shed more light into what exactly causes warping to occur when looking around in some games and why other games don’t have that issue.

    Many of the Source games are examples of a perfect image and looks like normal VR. Cyberpunk 2077 (even with all the custom resolutions set) looks good until you turn your head. You then get a slight warping of the image as you turn from left to right.

    What exactly is that? And if I were to mod the game, what exactly would I need to change to fix that completely? FOV is one big culprit, but no matter how that’s tweaked, that doesn’t completely go away. Is it just the need to adjust the horizontal and vertical FOV separately that would fix that? I assume all the need barrel distortion for the headset is already being accounted for. What else than the vertical / horizontal FOV would need to be adjusted to make that perfect? Thanks!


    Game and headset FOV have to match precisely! for FullVR games, otherwise you’ll experience the distortion you mention while rotating your head. You don’t want to tweak any related settings in games where vorpX handles FOV automatically. Just make sure to follow the instructions shown by vorpX to the word if there are instructions shown and leave everything else at default. Neither any source game nor Cyberpunk show any warping at all with the FOV set right.

    For games where vorpX does not support automatic FOV, check the ‘Essential Hints’ and the ‘1-2-3 Game Setup’ guides in the help for additional information.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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