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    Hi, I have purchased vorpx today and am getting nowhere with it on supported games. The left and right channels are reversed! e.g. what should be in the left eye is in the right eye.

    I have followed all the advice I can find on this forum and tried all modes available and ALL games are the same whether supported or not by vorpx.

    I’ll use a supported game as an example: Dirt 2

    image 1
    image 2
    image 3
    image 4

    I can’t see what I’m doing wrong!

    Please can you help?
    Windows 8.1 x64


    Quick update…. I had the IPD value (in VorpX set to 68 … which is my IPD… but VorpX IPD is no way accurate and I have it set to 60.9 now and am getting a single (3D) image….. but in Dirt2… headtracking only works when the VorpX menu is open (del key) otherwise it does not work, but can’t figure why not.


    IPD calculation is indeed not quite correct currently. 60.9 sounds a bit too low in your case though. Please check whether the game runs in 1920×1080. Other resolutions can cause issues similar to what you describe.

    For head tracking in Dirt 2 (and other games without mouse look) you have two options:

    You can either use OpenTrack to simulate TrackIR input or configure vorpX to simulate a gamepad axis. The first option is the better one, simulating a gamepad has a few drawbacks.

    A. OpenTrack for DK2:

    B. Head tracking as gamepad

    1. Press [DEL] to open the in-game menu
    2. Go to Input page
    3. Set ‘Handle Gamepads Internally’ to Off
    4. Set ‘Headtracking as Gamepad’ to Relative or Absolute depending on the game. You should get a grasp of what is better quickly.

    The options below this should be more or less self explanatory except maybe Deadzone Correction, which efectively eliminates analog stick deadzones set by the game.

    If this is done, the head tracker is now a gamepad axis. The final step is to go to the game’s input options and map look left/right/up/down to the ‘Rift-Gamepad-Axis’, exactly as you would do with a real gamepad.

    Now you are able to look around in your cockpit. The view has to be centered from time to time because of possible yaw drift (should be greatly reduced with an calibrated magnetometer). There is a shortcut for centering.


    Yeah.. as per screen shot, the game is running 1920×1080 @ 75hz.

    60.9 has the least aberration towards the edges and none on the center for me.

    Thanks for the info on OpenTrack, looking in to that as I type.

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