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    Hey guys,

    Two days ago during a longer play test session I discovered that vorpX all of a sudden couldn’t exit cleanly anymore from a lot of games. Strange enough even older builds that worked perfectly fine before.

    After a lengthy hunt I could nail the issue down to recent nVidia drivers. To double check that it’s really an nVidia bug and not an ages old undiscovered vorpX bug that just happens to be triggered by new nVidia drivers I then built a DLL without any functionality that is loaded instead of vorpX. Not even this do-nothing-dll reaches its exit point with the latest nVidia drivers. So clearly recent nVidia drivers cause a mess with hook/override DLLs in affected games.

    Everything works normally while games are running, just the program exit is borked, so why is this is more than just an annoyance? Most importantly: when vorpX automatically adjusts game settings, it often does that on exit to ensure games don’t overwrite them again afterwards. Since vorpX never reaches this point with recent nVidia drivers in affected games, FOV/resolution etc. auto settings may be (and often are) completely broken in that case. Not good, not good at all.

    Probably futile to wait for nVidia to fix this anytime soon, so I’ll try to come up with a workaround. Until that is ready I highly recommend to stay on sligtly older driver builds. Not sure when exactly the issue started to occur, but only fairly new drivers seem to be affected. The driver linked below from February definitely doesn’t have the bug.

    You don’t have to strictly roll back your GPU driver if you don’t experience actual problems, but if you encounter games complaining about exit crashes, issues with vorpX auto settings not sticking, or just weird behavior when exiting games, the linked driver will probably help.


    No problems here with newest “Last of Us Hotfix Driver” on Windows 11 and 3080ti, it seems to depend on more than the nvidia driver.


    The issue only affects certain games and most of the time you won’t notice it even if strikes. For whatever reason it prevents DLLs hooked into some games frome exiting cleanly. That’s what makes it so sneaky. It only affects the very last few seconds once you exit a game.

    Both the current regular nVidia driver and the Last of Us hotfix driver come with this bug.

    The biggest actual problem the bug creates as far as vorpX is concerned is that vorpX can’t save game settings on exit.

    If you don’t play games where vorpX can adjust FOV or other settings automatically, you can largely ignore the issue. It will still occur, but only has minor effects due to the incomplete exit cleanup. You probably won’t notice anything. Not good, but bearable.

    When you play a game where vorpX does handle settings automatically though, the effect of the bug is a lot worse, since it might prevent vorpX from applying settings changes altogether. You’d see vorpX asking for a restart over and over and again on each launch when that happens. Going back to the driver linked above will almost certainly help in that case.


    Upping this thread since nVidia still hasn’t fixed the issue. Judging from their changelogs they seem to be aware of it as since it also affects their own ‘FreeStyle’ post effects. No sign of a fix yet though…

    If you play any game where vorpX changes settings and are greeted with a vorpX message that suggests a restart on each launch due to settings changes, please use the last known working nVidia driver linked below. That will probably fix the issue:

    If nVidia doesn’t fix the problem soon, I’ll implement a workaround for vorpX.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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