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    The latest PiTool has a new setting on the ‘Brainwarp’ page called ‘Compatible With Vive Only Game’. This setting makes it impossible for applications to detect a Pimax as Pimax, instead the headset pretends to be a Vive with this setting enabled.

    Make sure to uncheck this for vorpX. vorpX does several things different when it detects a Pimax.

    Whoever at Pimax got the exceptionally bad idea to enable this setting per default and on top of that re-enable it each time PiTool is started should be fired immediately…

    If you happen to be active on the Pimax forums, please complain about this nonsense. A headset should not pretend to be another brand, especially not if it’s as different as Pimax 5K/8K are.

    I’ll add an according warning for the next vorpX version if a Vive is detected but PiMax software is running. That’s far from ideal though as it will also affect users with both headsets that are currently using an actual Vive.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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