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    I see that the separation and Convergence values in z-buffer mode are too low. You can barely tell that there is any 3D at all. Is there a way to amplify the effect?

    for example, separation goes to a value of 2.0 in Z-buffer but 4.0 in Geometry. It would be great it these went higher. I really do not care if it causes “haloing” or other artefacts as it does with the 3D Vision driver (Long time 3D Vision user here).

    Thank you.


    This was a design choice as Z3D does generally not work that great for very strong separation values.

    The way vorpX does Z3D you usually get less stereo nearby, but in the distance you often have stronger separation than you get with Geometry 3D (or in reality). In reality stereo vision ends about 10m in front of you while with Z3D one can freely adjust this point, so in the end the choice was made to amplify the effect where Z3D woks really well (in the distance) instead of introducing heavy artifacts.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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