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    I seen some topics on my search in regards to independent movement of the head vs gun. Some was saying this can only be done in ARMA III. (topics from like 2019)

    Is there a tutorial on how this can be done? I saw mentions of like track IR etc.

    And what’s the latest on this? I initially tried to play Far Cry 5, which had both head and gun combined. (I though because of imported profile).

    Then I tried Crysis 3, with same results.

    Is there any workarounds, did anyone manage to get the head and gun move independently, or better even, bind the gun to the hand controllers (I`m using Reverb G2). I found a demo that came with the WMR app, I think it was Halo or something, that had the guns binded to the controller – that was very impressive.


    In arma its basically coded within a game, its not vorpx feature. The track IR thing. Without game developers actually coding separate gun/head movement its not possible for vorpx to add to a game.

    VR mods for games that have access to games code and can change it do implement guns on controllers, but those mods are rare, take a lot of time and are game specific. Vorpx is a universal software supporting many existing and upcoming games using existing engines. All vorpx does is adding stereo cameras or compiling stereo view from games depth map, thats the base of what vorpx does, there are many neat small details too, but in the big scale its only stereo view, dont expect any other complex things.

    Only way you can have separate gun/head motion (and its how I play fps games) is to use immersive screen with 16:10 or 16:9 aspect ratio and close to your face, that way your fov is filled with game, you can even look around without seeing edges of the screen (especially with ambient background) and you can use mouse to aim your gun.


    Thank you. Good tip I`ll try it.
    I was happy as it works for my racing games like F1 etc. And only asked because as I said, the post I found were from like 2019, which is why I was thinking, perhaps things moved on since. great piece of software so far.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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