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    Hi folks,
    Long time lurker here even longer user.
    Ralf, you’re a genius and indeed the cause of me purchasing games I wouldn’t have even humored .. so thanks for that haha =)

    Anywho, ..
    I have tried a plethora of profiles with the steam game Indutria and simply can not get any “3d depth” or “FOV” to work at all. There are a few profiles that give the geometry options but the FOV slider doesn’t change the image.

    I have read on reddit and YT that either Half-Life 2 or the Bioshock Infinite works but I couldn’t get HL2 to hook at all and Bioshock profile doesn’t exist anymore so no joy there.
    I have also tried Control, Medieval Dynasty (or something like that), Get Even, A Hat in Time, Ace Combat, … well lets just say I have tried a few lol.

    Has anyone played this game at all and can help a poor guy out, no hair left to pull out.
    Or anyone have an Unreal 4 profile I can try with ?

    I wouldn’t normally beg like this but I don’t really want to go through every profile (although I will if I have too lmao).

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    I have this on my wishlist to try out eventually, but don’t have the time at the moment.

    Even though this seems to be an Unreal 4 game, sometimes I have luck with the Unity 5 base profile. The Hunter Call of the Wild is also a go to test profile for me.

    A few more recent Unreal 4 profiles that I have done on the cloud may be worth a shot also:

    Ready or Not
    Ground Branch
    Way of the Hunter


    I have this on my wishlist to try out eventually, but don’t have the time at the moment……………………………

    Thanks for the reply dellrifter22, that was quick :)

    Awesome, thank you, I will get and test those, fingers crossed.
    If the game didn’t look so good I probably would have left it, but now it’s gone and got into my head lmao, got to get it working!!

    Thanks again, I’ll let you know how it goes ;)


    If anything fails, you may try the DX11 profiles from this list.

    Each of them is different and has different 3D settings. You may be lucky trying some profiles from here


    So close yet so far :/
    Well, I spent longer than I should have tinkering with this one but alas I could not get it perfect.

    All of the profiles you mentioned hooked fine, but 3 had the same problem (no change when altering 3d effect or fov). And 2 of them geometry worked but was weird.
    1 of them messed up the wall and floor textures and the other seemed almost perfect but had an odd effect where some things were just black silhouette but only in the right eye ?!

    I did in fact try a bunch of other of your G3D profiles and to be honest it worked great, ….. however, objects a from a few meters aways seemed to blink in and out of existence (not sure if you have played Resident evil 4 on Dolphinvr, but it reminded me of that, buildings and stuff would appear out of nowhere when you turn your head).

    Anywho, I will have another bash at it tomorrow, my head is broken at the mo.
    I hope to be back tomorrow with better news, my glass is still half full damn it lol.


    If anything fails, you may try the DX11 profiles from this list.

    Each of them is different and has different 3D settings. You may be lucky trying some profiles from here

    Thanks for the reply RJK, as it happens I have that page up in my browser, tried a few, will try some more!

    Thanks again ;)


    Hi again,
    I come bearing …. good-ish news.

    Ok after poking this game with a stick for many many hours I have actually gotten somewhere, but there is 1 outstanding issue that I think is slightly above my knowledge.

    I played around with the 1 profile that had the best starting point and it went quite well as mentioned before, being left with some odd lighting and flickering.
    These issues where very similar to issues I had in another game (Terminator I think) so I tried a few of the same fixes (ini file tweaks) as I believe they are using the same engine also (credit to VRified Games for that).
    After comprehensively F’ing it up with the first few attempts I seem to have resolved the flickering in and out of existence thingy, but now left with an odd lighting issue, in which I have no clue how to resolve …. yet.

    So trying to explain this in words is tricky, so here are a few images to help understand what the hell I mean lol;

    This is what the lighting looks like from a few meters away :

    And this is how it looks if I move forwards just a fraction :

    Any ideas on how to fix that?

    I will continue to scour through the unreal ini commands, but if someone knows what is going on here and knows any ini tweaks (or other) that will help, please feel free to put me out of my misery.

    ok, back to it :P


    Morning folks,
    It seems I figured it out, to a point lol.

    So usually when crafting a profile I prefer the 1:1 VR setting as it just feels nicer in VR.
    However, in this particular case I had to settle for the Widescreen 1 vr setting, but to be honest after playing it for a while it was just the best setting in this case.

    The images I left yesterday with the weird lighting is now gone.
    The lighting issue was being directly caused by the FOV setting in Vorpx, once switched off completely the lighting returned to normal. Even setting it to 0.01 caused a very slight lighting issue (same as images but much much less intrusive).
    The game itself has a FOV setting, so pushed all the way to 110 gives plenty of depth.

    The only problem I couldn’t seem to fix was some slight warping around the edges (a bit fish eye), tried changing resolutions, moving the games fov etc.
    Couldn’t find the games FOV setting in it’s (engine/gameuser) ini files so I couldn’t bump it up to 120 (which seems to be a sweet-spot for my headset in most games)
    The only thing that made it go away was switching to widescreen 1.
    Not perfect, but I’ll call it a win, game is totally playable and quite smooth :)

    Thanks for the replies chaps, very much appreciated.

    I will upload the profile to the cloud once I’ve made sure there are no game-breaking glitches.

    P.s. One thing I forgot to mention above is that some/most of the wall and floor textures look/feel strange, most noticeable when I first start playing, but goes away the longer I play.
    My VR legs are pretty solid, but this might effect some folks.


    interesting information


    It’s been a while since I revisited this, so figured I would leave an update, …

    There were indeed many game breaking glitches in the profile I was working on, so I decided to start from scratch.

    98% fixed this after a long road of misery and depression lmao.
    There are still parts of the game that have the black textures in the right eye, but I fixed the FOV with a Hex edit so I did finally get to my preferred 1:1 VR and the game is now playable with resizable HUD.


    I tried this game tonight, and yes, there are indeed many wall and ground textures that do not work correctly in G3D. This sometimes happens in other Unreal 4 games that use this texture method, and can not be fixed with current vorpX as far as I know.

    I’ve added a Z3D profile to the cloud now. For me this was the more comfortable experience.

    I would be very interested to know what Hex values you changed to increase FOV, or if you can link an example.


    Of course, it is a hex edit present in quite a lot of UE4 games (and some UE3).

    *Make a backup of the Industria exe before you start.

    1 – Open Industria’s main shipping exe with any hex editor
    2 – Hit CTRL+F and Search for “35 FA 0E 3C” (without quotes) (Type=Hex)
    3 – You will find 4 sets of this code in a row, skip those and you will find a 5th further down
    4 – Highlight “0E” and hit F2 to edit the value
    5 – Enter “3E”
    6 – Save the file

    Now when you load Industria the FOV will be almost perfect, then you can use the actual in game FOV slider to tweak to your liking.


    Oh, nearly forgot, … If you find that you get an error after editing the file hex, then run the exe through “Steamless” first.


    One more thing worth mentioning, I think.

    In ALL the UE4 games I have done this with, it 99% fixes the usual lighting and shadow oddities that occur when the Vorpx FOV slider is increased.

    This way I can leave Vorpx’s FOV value at 0 and still get the holy grail of geometry 3D at 1:1.


    Thanks for the info.

    Fun little game. I wish it was twice as long.

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