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    What exactly is (technically in Vorpx) limiting the games’ fps ?

    I’m always getting 73-74 fps with rare Jumps to 75 … Ok, my machine sucks you’ll say but this is very unlikely because it doesn’t matter if I run Max or low Detail in e.g. Doom or Witcher 3. Even low resolutions dont help. It seems like “my” Vorpx fps Limit is 74 … not 75. This produces stutter of course. I don’t use vsync or other limiters of course. Doom runs ~200 maxed out … Even old Games with 500+++ fps are bound to 74 … not 75 …

    Thanks in advance…


    vorpX uses the mechanisms that the headsets provide for that. Both the Oculus API and OpenVR have explicit calls to send them the rendered image and then do the screen sync themselves.

    The vorpX FPS counter isn’t 100% precise though. If you get this exact same behavior in many games, it’s probably just the FPS counter not displaying the 100% correct value.

    The value you should optimize for is not the “Direct Mode FPS” but the “Game FPS” value. That’s the impprtant one. Ideally it should also show the full headset framerate. That will be seldomly de the case though. The lower the Game FPS is, the more likely it is that the end result isn’t 100% smooth. Try to reach at least 50fps.


    Thanks for your answer… of course I’m referring to to the game fps .. direct Mode is at constant 75 which is just fine for my dk2. I just nearly never Hit the 75 (or close) for the game even though it should be easy as described above … it looks like it’s automatically limiting at 74 … and there is the typical stutter so ist not 0-74 counting as 75 …

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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