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    Made a profile for 3rd person RPG Insomnia: The Ark. Profile is purely based off official Vorpx HellBlade profile. G3d works but Zadaptive and Znormal do not appear to add any depth; so you can play it ‘pancake’ but on a big screen, or if your computer can handle it, G3d does seem to work fine, there were some flickering issues with Shadows on high settings with G3d, but I found turning the Shadows down to low eliminated most of that graphical issue.

    For the record – I think this is a FANTASTIC game. Its one of the only games I ever purchased in early access cause i was so intrigued and put like 25 hours into it to decide I wanted to wait for it to be ‘finished’; they had originally built it in another engine and so it wasnt compatible with vorpx at all (atleast i couldnt find a way for it to hook); but they updated it to Unreal 4 and it seems like the Hellblade profile will get us good G3d, but like i said, Znormal and Zadaptive, I saw no difference between them and 3d just being set to ‘off’. So if youre computer can handle G3d for the game, only issue I saw was shadows having some odd effects like weve seen in other games, I found turning shadows low helped alleviate that.

    Its a really cool game tho, it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you wanted a really solid 3rd person RPG with some unique mechanics and a really good, unique environment, I really recommend it.

    Good luck getting it running, if my profile on the cloud doesnt work for you, just load the HellBlade profile from Vorpx and use that for the game, it hooked right in with G3D, no problem. Just doesnt appear to have any change for Zadaptive and Znormal compared to pancake.


    I wanted to add – in case anyone was looking at checking this game out – it was originally intended to be isometric so your ‘look’ up and down is limited, youre basically looking forward with little ability to control the camera up and down, like you can look at the ceiling. Theres shooting and aiming and all that, but the camera locks at a certain point when trying to look upward. Didnt know if thatd be a dealbreaker for some wanting a full headtracking experience, you will not be able to look “up” at the ceiling, at tall buildings from too close… its limited in the same way i think KOTOR was, couldnt really turn the camera all the way up to look at the sky in that one either, if I recall correctly.

    Just wanted to point that out – your headtracking will be very limited in terms of the Y axis, there is a ‘look ceiling’ on the camera and you wont be able to look straight up or anything.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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