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    I need to do more troubleshooting tonight.

    Win10 Home

    RTX 2080
    Clevo MB

    After installation of the Net framework and VorpX, starting the computer causes the black screen with cursor fail after boot and before windows loads.

    It may be the .NET package VorpX “needs”. What are the repercussions if I do not install it?

    Is the framework changing some REG that causes Win not to load?


    Try to install DotNet 3.5 manually before running the vorpX installer, maybe that makes a difference. Pretty much the same thing should happen automatically if DotNet 3.5 is not found, but maybe doing it manually beforehand helps.

    At least that way you will be able to check whether installing DotNet or vorpX causes the issue.

    DotNet 3.5 is only required for the web setup (to provide out of the box compatibility with Windows 7). Once vorpX is installed it should be safe to remove it if you don’t need it otherwise.

    Scroll down on that page a bit for manual install instructions.


    I have installed and verified that it is enabled from Windows Features.

    I restarted and also shut down and started.

    So is there any idea what would cause this issue?


    Not really. If installing a Windows feature breaks your Windows, there obviously is something severely wrong, but I never heard of that before.

    As a workaround you might be able to install DotNet 3.5, skip the restart, install vorpX, and then uninstall DotNet 3.5 again directly afterwards. It is not required anymore once vorpX is installed.


    Sorry, I mean the .NET 3.5 works. It is not causing the fail.

    Does vorpX try to modify the registry in any way? I have the WIN10 default core isolation and secure boot enabled. So “malware” doesn’t easily mess with any files.


    The only part of vorpX that is active without actually starting it is a small service. Without vorpX running it doesn’t do anything though, so I don’t see how that could be the issue.

    However, since it’s the only thing that could potentially be related to an issue while starting Windows, please try to disable it. The service’s only purpose is to disable a virtual monitor added by Oculus Dash while vorpX is running. With recent nVidia driver versions doing that doesn’t seem to be strictly required anymore though, so it should be safe to disable the service.

    1. Open the start menu.
    2. Type services.
    3. Open the Services app.
    4. Scroll down to the vorpX service and double click it.
    5. Stop the service and set its start type to disabled.


    I think that worked.

    I installed and disabled the service right after, then restarted and am here now.

    If there are any more problems with this I will be back here.

    Thank you!

    I hope my purchase helps VorpX out!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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