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    I’m having trouble getting y axis inverted for the mouse in Fallout 4. If I specify the y axis inversion either through the Game settings or VorpX settings, either the head tracking is wrong or the mouse/look is wrong. What I’m trying to achieve is moving mouse forward looks down, which is usually achieved by inverting y axis. If I do that, mouse works as wanted, but head tracking now looks up. Disabling y inversion makes head tracking work properly, but mouse/look is opposite.

    I think I’ve tried all combos of game/VorpX y inversion to no avail. Is there a setting somewhere I’m missing, or is everything behaving as designed? Is there a way to separate out the two (MouseLook/HeadTrack) settings so each has it’s own preference?

    As it is, the game is unplayable for me.
    Any help would be appreciated.


    Please run the Direct VR scanner after entering the actual game. After doing so vorpX does not use the mouse for head tracking anymore but instead accesses the game’s camera rotation directly. That also has various other advantages, so it’s highly recommended.

    If for some reason you still want to use the mouse emulation, you can invert the y-axis on the head tracking page of the vorpX ingame menu to counteract your inverted mouse.


    Hi Ralph,

    Thank you, using Direct VR resolved it. Also noticing I can choose to have head tracking be the only look function, which also helps while in-game (although placing objects while settlement building is easier with mouse look enabled also).

    One thing I’m noticing while using DirectVR is that zooming for aim-down-sight and through scopes is disabled. Is there a workaround or setting for this?

    Thanks again for the great support and awesome product!


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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