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    I have run into am issue where the head tracking on games like rust, squad and GTA 5 have all been inverted. This only occurs when I am in the non-edge view. When I look up the game looks down and when I look down the game looks up and when I look right the game looks left ect. When I hit the middle mouse and bring myself into the edge view mode, the head tracking works as it is supposed to. Is there any way I can fix this issue so I can enjoy games in first person instead of the edge view?


    Unless a game supports Direct VR, vorpX emulates mouse movement with head tracking. If you play games with inverted mouse, that may lead to inverted head movement. There is an according option on the head tracking page of the vorpX ingame menu.

    If you have this issue with multiple games but do not play with inverted mouse, please try a full factory reset (config app). Just to make sure all settings are at their default values.


    How did you get SQUAD working? I’m trying to make a profile for Post Scriptum which uses the same engine (unreal 4) as SQUAD but having some difficulty.

    The game loads up normally and so does oculus home.


    Squad introduced Easy Anti Cheat in a later update which unfortunately blocks vorpX injection. Sadly the same goes for Post Scriptum, the new Insurgency, and any other game with EAC.

    It’s a bummer I know. Both are games I had been hoping to play.

    Ralf would remind us that when vorpX can’t be injected into a game, there is still the option to play in hmd using the desktop viewer, but it won’t have any type of 3D.


    I thought that might be the case however… I managed to get it working in 3D on a local server and its quite immersive. Needs some tweaking and would look a lot nicer at high res if my PC could handle it.

    I guess the only current workaround would be to run a server without the anti-cheat on but playing on that server could become frustrating.

    How do I tweak the head position and tracking? an ini file somewhere?

    Also what program can I use to capture what the rift sees? I’d llike to make a video eventually.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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