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    Hello, i was going to make an openGL profile for Unreal 1 today. VorpX said “Unreal.exe” is already assigned to “Unreal”.

    VorpX hooks into Unreal.exe and provides G3D but a profile is not visible under local profiles.


    It’s hidden because until not too long ago 3D wasn’t possible with the the pre 18.1. OpenGL render path.

    18.2.0 will provide OpenGL G3D with the factory Unreal 1 profile, so no need for a custom profile anymore.


    Thanks for the info Ralf.

    I have encountered another error, dont want to open another thread.

    When using MPC-HC (64) and pressing DEL, vorpX goes OFF and the Player asks me if i want to delete that media file. – Configuring the VorpX menu key to any other key raises the same problem. It appears that vorpX somehow sends “DEL” to MPC-HC even a different key has bee assigned.
    I found a .reg in the vorpX backup folder, using that didnt help. The player wont show up in the HMD at all.

    Removing the settings completely in the registry let me start the player but i cant get into the settings because of the problem described above.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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