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    I cannot seem to find the IPD setting anywhere in the ingame Vorpx Menu.
    I feel this “crosseye pressure” and know it has to be with the ipd setting, but that setting it’s just not there in the “display” section of the menu.

    I am using a vive, if that matters.

    Do you guys know how to make that setting show up? Or do you know if there is a config file that I can edit manually to try a different IPD setting?

    Thanks a lot!


    IPD is entirely handled by the OpenVR (Vive) / Oculus (Rift) runtimes in recent vorpX versions. vorpX uses the values provided by the runtime like native apps.

    If you have trouble to converge the images (may be the case in Geometry 3D games), try to reduce the “3D-Strength/Separation” option in the vorpX ingame menu. Be aware though that this also alters the percieved scale of the world.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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