Is fu***** STEAM VR by any chance total crap!?

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    …or is it my Oculus Goggles?

    Why is it that most of those problems occuring (sudden stuttering with no end, crashing, goggles unable to find spots, etc.) are exclusively and only happening whenever i am playing games on vorpX with Steam-VR enabled???

    I´d prefer to run them with Oculus but some refuse to work with it.

    I was just in middle of a heaty FARCRY 6 Mission and had to abort it coz the game suddenly started stuttering everywhere (even when i took goggles off it kept stuttering on the monitor) so then i had to shut off Steam-VR which was also shutting off the game, great, now i can start that goddarn mission all over again.

    Probably time to get rid of this fu***** Zuckerberg-Crap anyway and buy me some real vr goggles.


    Try OpenXR instead. Make sure that Oculus is set as your system‘s OpenXR runtime, not SteamVR. SteamVR has the unfortunate habit of trying to force itself as active OpenXR runtime, even for headsets that cam with native OpenXR support.


    Well thank you very much Ralf!

    Just couldn´t explain why i was getting more of those issues lately and then i realized i was still using Steam-VR and forgot to go back to my regular Oculus-VR Settings.

    Haven´t tried OpenXR yet but i will for sure and as far as it goes for Steam-VR, everything is ok as long i am not dumb enough forgetting that i have it still activated thinking i would be playing with oculus-vr settings enabled.

    If there would be a way for profiles to also save/recognize what vr-settings to use (oculus/steam/etc.) with which game, it would be a great thing, but of course not really a must-have at all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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