Is it possible to build a missing depth buffer?

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    Sometimes vorpx can find depth buffer in certain games but in some worse cases there is one but only gun/hands are present there, not whole scene.

    Often vorpx can output G3D but full of errors, like not rendering some things in one eye or almost all things in one eye, but it can get access to 3d and shader authoring is working too.

    My question is instead of trying to find the depth buffer game builds itself is it possible to build out out of game geometry vorpx kinda get access to. It will also solve issues when some profiles have G3D in some sense yet cant work in z3d.

    I have almost no knowledge how games render and all that, thats mostly why I’m asking.


    Unfortunately not. Or to be more precise it’s theoretically possible in a technical sense, but impractical.

    Modern games actually sometimes have an extra depth pass to build the depth buffers used for effects, but trying that retroactively without knowing which draw call draws geometry that has to be included into the depth pass and which doesn’t would be even more error prone than the generally similar heuristics required for G3D. Also these heuristics would have to be configured on a per game (or at least per engine) basis. Last but not least the performance impact would probably be similar to G3D.

    In a nutshell: neat idea for sure, but even if/where possible not even close to the one-size-fits all solution you probably were hoping for.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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