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    with NEXT coming in a few days for no man’s sky i was trying to find some games profiles would could work at least in Z3D with no man’s sky, i know it’s a custom engine and all but i still wanna try, but making a copy of the game exe and launching that copy just start the normal exe thus launch official vorpx profile which does not work currently (i’m aware it’s old news).

    so i’d like to know if anyone knows how to delete that official profile ?

    or maybe we can hope for no man’s sky official profite update for working G3D/Z3D ?

    thank you


    I’ve been hoping for a way to unlock official profiles as well, to remove attached exe’s for testing with other profiles. Particularly the unsupported ones in the database, like no man’s sky and codww2.

    I’d like to mess around some with other profiles, even if they don’t work perfect, but can’t rename exe’s for some games.

    Also wondered if there is an easy way to backup our full library of custom profiles/settings to survive vorpX updates.


    I would beleive that no profile will have the quality of an official one, so why waisting time ?

    Donno if this would work, import a cloud profile, store it to disk, go offline, try to run VorpX without profile database (temporarily rename it), import profile from disk.


    There is no way to get stereo 3D for newer No Man’s Sky versions, can’t be changed with a different profile. Newer NMS versions partially use a way to transform geometry that vorpX’s OpenGL pipeline does not handle.

    The game still has DirectVR FOV calculation though, so at least it’s easily playable in 2D Full VR – provided you can live that.

    Regarding the more general question: official profiles cannot be removed by design. This may look like an unnecessary restriction, but it ensures that beginners or uncareful users cannot erase profiles by accident, which had to be ranked higher in this case than total freedom for power users.


    alright, thank you for the answers everyone ^^

    let’s hope hello games add VR to no man’s sky some day then, untill then yes, custom fov + VR in 2D is still better than flat screen :)


    I need to use older custom vorpx profiles for a downgraded gta 5 so I need to use a cloud profile and not the official vorpx one.It would be nice to be able to at least deactivate the official vorpx profiles and use your choice of cloud ones.Jesusavesouls !

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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