Is it possible will Nvidia Optimus get ever app support/troubleshoot

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    Is it possible will Nvidia Optimus get ever app support/troubleshoot?

    Hello, my laptop uses Nvidia Optimus technology, I believe that’s the issue why I cannot either attach to the game, or I attach but my headset is blank, or the special case BigScreen (is itself VR) can attach on dedicated geforce in contrast to other games (but cannot go on intel integrated saying it must be on the same GPU as geforce headset=dedicated), while other games cannot attach on anything else except of integrated but well then wont get output to headset geforce dedicated.

    Is there any older version which would work for me without Optimus you could send me?, or should I buy different laptop? Nvidia optimus is almost the standard nowadays. Thank you.



    vorpX has to run on the GPU that the game is running on. Two conditions have to be met:

    1. The HDMI port that you connect your headset to must be internally connected to the dedicated (nVidia) GPU, not the CPU graphics.
    2. Additionally the laptop should allow to disable the CPU (Intel) graphics to ensure that the game actually runs on the dedicated GPU.

    If your laptop isn’t explicitely labeled as ready for VR, it’s quite likely that one of these conditions is not met.


    Ralf: thanks,

    I run the game on the same card my pimax headset is running = dedicated GPU, but can never attach.
    I didn’t manage yet to accomondate or check where VORPX is running at, as it’s not a standard app selectable in nvidia but a windows desktop app, anyway I ll try to force it under general rule, or at least windows explorer.

    1)st condition met, HDMI goes directly to GPU (not CPU nor integrated, but laptop display is integrated, direct mode steamVr settings is probably unrelated)

    2) this condition I doubt integrated can be turned off, but at least enforced, since even GPU result seems to be pushed through integrated in the end, as it’s a coprocessor

    VR ready? I’ll try check, but almost every single nvidia laptop under 1500 euros I checked, had optimus enable, I might check AMD but I am afraid they have the “AMD OPtimus” alternative similar technology.

    I was just wondering if it would not be also possible, to reprogram the tool from your side to work with optimus technology, as I don’t want to buy a desktop pc. Anyway I ll try to replace my laptop with VR ready if possible.

    Could you recommend by chance any VR ready laptop name around 1000 euroes at for example? I know I could just try google “ VRReady” but I don’t see many results.



    Just to say my problems were completely solved by buying a desktop, no matter if optimus technology was directly connected to GPU dedicated port or integrated, it never worked, perhaps because laptop display is always connected to integrated graphics. Who knows maybe if I connected and run a game on external display connected to dedicated hdmi but I had only one hdmi and would not have space remaining to connect virtual reality glasses.

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