Is it still possible to manually calibrate IPD in Vorpx?

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    I’m having issues with severe eye strain in all the games I’ve tried with Vorpx. I have gotten FOV and zoom setup via editing game ini’s for FOV and Vorpx settings, and have played with them endlessly, but to no avail. I don’t have this issue with any native VR games.

    How can I go about manually adjusting IPD in Vorpx? I’d like to experiment there next.


    I’m using an Oculus Rift CV1. I just played around with the mechanical IPD adjustment and I’m seeing some improvement opening it as far wide as it will go, but then of course, the optical center of the lenses is no longer centered over my eyes and I get a different kind of strain.

    I’ve had a similar problem in DCS World in native VR. Thankfully, it has it’s own separate IPD slider in-game. No such luck with Strike Fighters 2, I’m afraid.

    I spent 8 hours today fiddling line by line with the game’s ini files to find the right FOV and resolution, and also got head tracking to 1:1 using Opentrack.

    The problem is, no matter what adjustment I make to game FOV, Vorpx zoom, or any other Vorpx setting, I’m still getting some pretty severe eye strain.

    Even though the world scale seems correct, it’s like Vorpx’s render window is too close to my eyes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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