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    Hi Ralf, I am playing Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D with Vorpx and its great.

    Now I also have the Marvels Avengers game. I copied the Guardians Vorpx profile and it hooked to Avengers, but inside the game I can not adjust any 3D strength, no settings, nothing changes etc, so I doubt the 3D is working..
    I read online that both games use also different 3D engines. Guardians using DAWN Engine and Avengers FOUNDATION engine (same like Shadow of Tomb Raider and Rise of Tomb Raider).
    I tried both those vorpx profiles on Avengers, but none of them hooked, also not with hook helper.

    As said the Guardians profile hooked but I dont think there is any 3D. That said, I swear I see depth in the game , not sure if the game itself is build with some 3d depth or something is working after all or I am just so crossed-eyed after so many games that I imagine to see things in 3D myself! haha. Similar phenomena I remember from Deathloop where the game felt 3D but wasnt, which was clear until you launched the official Vorpx profile and then the whole world was in amazing 3D.

    Do you have a way to check it? or better, consider an official Vropx profile for the Marvel Avengers game?



    I tried a few times with the tomb raider profile without success.
    Then a couple of months ago it worked (I think I was still using the tomb raider one).
    It was pretty bad framerate compared to pancake, but it can be doen.


    Hello ghosts!!
    Is there an official VorpX profile for Guardien of the Galaxy or just a cloud profile??…is that G3D or just Z3D??….

    Tested and checked it out a year ago… only ran with Reshade Depht 3D …superperforming and despite Z3D Depht3D conjures up almost geometric 3D even at close range…!!!

    The same goes for the anvangers!! Just tested Days Going with Z3D VorpX profile from Paradise Decay…looks pretty good with some typical Z3D depth, but when I started Reshade Depht3D my jaw really dropped!!!… Top 3D

    …almost G3D without having to set anything in Reshade on the parameters!!!…which is otherwise not usual that you immediately become friends with the 3D spatial depth…

    With Outriders, on the other hand, I had to tinker around a bit in Depht3D…it was also worlds better than the Vorx Z3D profile…especially at close range…body, arm and weapon… Of course you shouldn’t overdo it, otherwise there will be too many artifacts or ghosting around the person…

    I guess if Ralf would allow Z3D to further increase the 3D depth at close range, it would also look similar in VorX…

    With Deadloop I managed to conjure up excellent 3D close to G3D only with Reshade Depht3D… But that was hard work…had to tweak a few parameters…until the spatial depth finally became playable for me…instead of flat 2D…

    Just tested “Evil Dead the Game” yesterday… Looks fantastic in 3D!!! Was afraid to have put the 42 euros for the deluxe version in the 2D sand because of Easy Anticheat…but it worked great with Depht3D!! But I’m still in the tutorial…you have to play through before you can get into multiplayer…

    Well… despite the anti-cheat on The Isle and Predator Hunting, it also worked… there, however, with optimal G3D via VorpX… listen and be amazed…!!!

    3D greetings to all 3D and VR fanboys and girls *smile*


    Hi, yes there is one profile on Cloud : Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy which works okay with nice 3D.
    loads and is well playable.

    Days Gone is also great with Vorpx.

    OUTRIDERS?? where did you see the Vorpx Z3D profile? I dont think there is one at all.
    I run Reshade with 3d and it launches okay with Vorpx viewer.

    Deathloop = great with Vorpx. I find it much cleaner and better then Reshade with Superdepth 3D.

    For me the problem is the crashing of the games in the headset due to (performance drop?) I guess from steams virtual desktop.
    I am running the Quest 2 with 3080Ti and have many issues with VD.

    I have 3 options:
    (dont know of any other to try)

    Virtual Desktop
    VR companion app from Bluesky defender
    Vorpx Desktop Viewer

    Virtual desktop use to be better but has many issues for me anyway, where many games just dont start in the headset or loop loading etc

    Vr Companion is bit better optimized but also some issues and the background is rather annoying (space stars etc – he is working on all black background)

    I found Vorpox is the best viewer and player, zero issues, stable, nice when it loads – its perfect.
    I love the adjustability options and the Ambience background

    So for games which dont run with Vorpx profile, I use Reshade with superdepth 3D Vr
    and basically try to run it in the vorpx viewer to have the same experience
    yet this is hit and miss, some games like Far cry 6 and others work like that, but some crash instantly and its not possible to run them , I assume its a clash with the Reshade dll or something, unfortunately my technical knowledge is limited here how to make it work, somehow bypass the Reshade files so the Vropx viewer launches.

    Its interesting and depends really on the game, some games with Reshade launch great, some not at all.
    would love to know why and fix it :)


    @thomas3d what headset you running? Evil Dead you played with Virtual Desktop and REshade? no issues?


    Hello Ghost75757

    I use the HP Reverb G2, Pimax 8KX and the Quest 2…I still have the Index and the old Vive…but they’re gathering dust…

    I had created a VorpX profile for Outriders, which only works in Z3D…then I reshade Deptht
    Tried 3D where I liked the 3D much better…almost like real G3D…
    Same goes for Days Gone…
    There is also a helix mod for both of them that enables real G3D with perfectly corrected shadows…!!

    Days gone even now with geo-11 support, which then runs great with the current Nvidia driver…!!

    Days gone just looks fantastic again with the helixmod geo-11…!!…There’s nothing like real geometric 3D with perfect shadows and spatial depth…especially at close range…because of the weapon…

    I only got Deathloop to work with Reshade Depth3D…also with top 3D depth…!!…madness…!!…it’s so much more fun in 3D…!!!

    Just like Evil Dead…doesn’t work with VorpX only with Reshade Depth3D…unfortunately the 3D mode will probably become 2D due to anticheat in multiplayer…Flat…
    Once it worked against the AI ​​and in the single player anyway everything was great in 3D…!!!

    VorpX Viewer also works well for me… only with some games the performance breaks down to such an extent… that I can only play side by side with a 3D projector..



    The VorpX profile of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy and The Anvangers is only in Z3D isn’t it ???

    Unfortunately I don’t like that…I tested it…looks much better with Reshade Depth3D…as I said, especially at close range…body…weapon…I can also adjust the 3D depth better there. ..

    Should there ever be a VorX – G3D profile, even if it’s only with alternate rendering like Cyberpunk…I’ll be there again…*smile*


    You created a Vorpx profile for Outriders?
    where? I cant find it on Cloud or Local profiles.
    Did you upload it?

    Sometimes Z3D is better then broken-ish G3D

    I see it in Hitman 2 for example. The G3D is hurting your eyes and messes up the graphics
    whereas the Z3D looks very realistic and I Can run wiht maximum settings.

    My all time favourite way to play is anyway with Vorpx Immersive screen with Ambience background
    so Hitman 3 and Hitman 2 are just mint !

    Back to Outriders: I got it to work well with REshade and Superdepth and it even launches with Vorpx Desktop Viewer
    so I get best of both worlds (not that it often happens as most games crash if you run reshade with vorpx viewer)
    but Outriders looks good.
    if you have the Vorpx Profile in ZD3 however I am keen try , but point me in the right direction, I did not find it.
    But from what you saying, you add 3D with reshade as well but run in Vorpx? or how do you mean?

    Days Gone I love in Vorpx in Immersive screen. Very clean and runs well.
    Reshade was not bad but I like Vorpx better, its brighter and 3D is very realistic in my O.

    I did not bother with any of the Helixmods as I read its only for older graphic cars, the 3090 is not supported and
    to be honest it sounds all too copmplicated to set up ! haha.. I like to click a button in Vorpx and all runs well with some small tweaking.

    Same with Deathloop, it started to give me stutter and loop loading issues wiht Reshade and my headset and Virtual Desktop.
    With the official Vorpx profile it runs smooth like butter and the 3D is pretty good too. I prefer it over Reshade.

    Oh snap, I have Evil Dead listed on my wishlist ! :)
    yes Reshade would be good, but I can already see performance issues in my headset running it, so until I get a pure
    PC VR headset like the high end Pimax , I wont bother. The Quest 2 has way too many issues on the PC VR and is really a wannabe PC set rather then a pure good working one.
    So Evil dead is now blocked on Reshade or you still using it in Single player mode?

    Shame Vorpx Viewer clashes so often wiht the Reshade 3d as it tries to attach it self rather then just beeing a stand alone SBS viewer like Virtual Desktop.


    Marvels Guardians is Z3D from memory yes, but it looks okay. Z3D performance is also better the G3D so its a good alternative and sometimes better in my opinion. Cleaner.

    Again, the immersive screen mode for me is the best way to play so I prefer that over REsahde with Virtual Desktop.

    You using only Steams Virtual desktop with Reshade games to project the games into your headset?


    guys im using the Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy [geG] vorpx profiule but there seems to be some slight video glitches ? small but noticable – has anyone else got this? Im running a 3090ti and 4k max thanks

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