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    Skyrim looks greats, my SLI’d GTX 550 tx’s may be a little underpowered for Ultra-geometry mode (and SLI could be increasing my latency, not sure), but mostly I’m having trouble bringing myself to play it a 3rd time :).

    If oblivion is as good, I haven’t played it and would buy it in a heartbeat, now.

    Any reports/experiences would be appreciated.



    in itself it does work after changing the fov, but i found the Ui a bit … too flashy,.. one would have to mod it.. ( it is almost right in your view all the damn time )

    Everything else seemed pretty stable =)


    How is the 3d?


    I had to change iAdapter=0 to iAdapter=1 in my Oblivion.ini. Seems to be a common multi monitor issue with the game for many. Apart from that it’s grest.

    Trancer Spacey

    Oblivion looks great in g3d. The only issue at the moment: fov jumps back, when you are talking with npcs. But Ralf wrote, this will be fixed in a future update. Looking really foreward to this. Because Oblivion is really nice to play. It has a very different atmosphere than Skyrim, but both games are different compared to my elderscrolls-benchmark, which is Morrowind. For me the best Elder Scrolls experience, although oblivion and especially Skyrim are a lot more immersive because of their gameplay-features.

    But anyway – if you like Skyrim, play Oblivion. It’s a very good game and I hope Ralf will fix some shader and fov issues.

    Trancer Spacey

    By the way: all Bethesda-games are quite good to be played with Oculus Rift. They deliver a very nice vr-experience. Not to fast gameplay and very focused on exploring. I hope Ralf will all of them get to work properly without graphic issues and with positional tracking.

    What woks really good and out of the box besides Skyrim is Fallout 3. I had a problem, which caused crashing, but it seems one of the mods/patches I posted in this forum yesterday helped.

    Skyrim is at the moment vorpX best supported game overall. Oblivion looks very good in 3d, but vorpX support should be improved to enhance conveniant gameplay, especially this fov-issue is at least anoying.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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