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    I would like to try Project Gorgon using VorpX but I haven’t found any games on the default Game/App Profiles that I know use the Unity game engine. Does anyone know of one, or if the Unity engine is supported?


    There is no general Unity profile, you may have to try several ones and there is no guarantee that one will work for your game, but you could try these profiles:

    Off the top of my head, there probably are a few more.

    Unity 4 (DX9):

    Slender: The Arrival
    Gone Home

    Unity 5 (DX11):

    Ori and the Blind Forest
    Life is Strange: Before the Storm
    The Long Dark


    Thanks Ralf, I find myself frequently trying to use vorpx with the various unity-based patreon projects I follow/support. I have had quite a lot of success with the Firewatch profile and the other profiles you mention there will be a big help.

    The problem I keep running into however is the FOV settings the projects use. I have yet to find a way to increase the camera FOV on a game that is running on Unity without having access to the project’s source code. Does anyone know of a way to increase it to 110° on a game running on Unity Personal Edition?


    There is no general way to increase FOV in Unity games unfortunately. That is something that devs provide (or not) on a game to game basis.

    The PC Gaming Wiki ( is a good place to check whether there is some official or unofficial way to adjust the FOV.

    If there is no option at all for a game, the best workaround is using a combination of “3D FOV Enhancement” (don’t overdo that) and “ImageZoom” in vorpX. Depending on the game in this case it might be better to use a 16:9 resolution instead of the usually recommended 4:3. Try both to see what is better in regard to black bars around the image.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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