is there a limit to processor/gpu usage?

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    just wondering if there is a limit to processor or gpu usage, trying to optimize alice madness returns but ive noticed that its not even using all my gpu or my processor, got a rtx2080 ti and experiencing fps drop only at specific points in the game and in the same place to it even runs fine maxed out until these parts, if there was a way to allow vorpx to use more of my gpu it would probably be fine


    turns out i was over complicating things as usual had to turn physx setting to low and game runs fine, also note that this setting can only be accessed from the main menu itself before you start the game.

    i also had settings in my nvidia panel so i now allow the game to use more ram and default use my graphics card which also helps.

    although i still would like to know if there is limitations, would like it to use all my gpu for vr emulation


    The overall CPU usage doesn’t say much since most games don’t utilize all cores of a modern CPU. You can setup the task manager to display the per core usage, which is a more useful metric. If you see one core used (almost) fully, all is well.

    Apart from that try to disable Vsync and whenever possible remove potential FPS caps. vorpX does that automatically for many supported games, but for unsupported ones you might have to do it manually. Many Unreal Engine games for example cap the frame rate at 60.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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