Is there a program that would overlay with Vorpx with an in game keyboard?

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    I was curious to do a Vampire the Masquerade playthru and maybe even Deus Ex 1 and 2 but im pretty certain you want a keyboard in those games, but taking headset on and off seems like a hassle. is there a VR program with a hotkey we can press to give us access to a whole keyboard? I doubt this exists, just wanted to check lol


    I’m not sure how you intend to use a keyboard in VR for games.
    Is it just a keypress now and then or is it central to the gameplay?

    If used rarely you could try a SteamVR overlay like OVR Toolkit. If you’re on WMR you might be able to use the built-in overlay. Note this would require using the controllers to point at keys.
    You might also try to learn touch typing so you can find the keys without looking.

    If it’s central to gameplay there isn’t a good option. There are some overlays that can use a camera to display the real keyboard and hands in VR but they don’t seem to get the best of reviews. Maybe use a keyboard with raised gaming keys or a mouse with 9-12 extra buttons.

    Personally I use a mouse with 8 function buttons and the typical keys around WASD that I can press without looking.


    Ye, I would recommend rebinding game keys to something you can find while blind, on the edge of keyboard and using additional mouse keys.

    All the solutions to press keyboard while in vr require you to have hmd camera or webcam pointing to keyboard along with any free or paid vr overlay apps. Its a hassle to set up and you would eventually decide to use it blind rather than setting it all up each playthrough.

    Setup is straightforward, just a hassle with all the steps:
    1. find free vr overlay on github
    2. run steamvr, run overlay,
    3. point webcam to keyboard and output webcam feed to a window
    4. attach overlay window to playspace or hmd, done

    If you are on quest 2 (like everyone these days), there were some kind of advertised features to peek your keyboard or maybe a button to see hmd camera feeds that you can use to peek, but I dont have one to say more precise, since you are streaming PC game you can basically use same steps but most of overlays are meant for steamv, maybe there are some for oculus.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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