Is there a reason you cannot force VorpX to attach to something?

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    So many of the posts on these forums are people having trouble getting VorpX to automatically hook in to the game they want it to, and it doesn’t seem like there’s a method to force VorpX to hook onto a specific program. Is there a reason that wouldn’t work? It seems like the obvious solution.
    I am fairly new to the program, so apologies if these seems like a silly question.


    I think a vorpx launcher would be preferable to the auto-hook mechanism, but you’d have to ask Ralf about that. You can “force” a game to hook with a hook helper, but they’re specific to the graphics api that the game uses, and all games aren’t compatible so there’s no guarantee that it will hook, even with a helper.


    In most cases people dont pay attention to the different ways vorpx can be started (Normal,Alternate,Shortcut). Games with an existing profile (almost 900) should work immediately. Some guys forget to mention in their profiles the hooking method they were using, so if vorpX doesnt hook without a profile, the modes above can be used to check that. Most games without a profile should be hooked in 2D easily, so there are only a very few left were VorpX doesnt hook right away. Note: VorpX will not provide 3D without a profile ! – always 2D without. You also may try this gamestarter which handles starting games with vorpX a little different as usual, (eg. switching screens, shortcuts) for another way to start a game.


    There is also antivirus issues and game specific issues – if I remember right portal 2 refused to hook in any way for me until I ran it windowed for example.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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