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    Hello everyone,,
    I’ve heard so many mixed reviews that $30 is a bit much to spend on a whim. Does anyone know of anyway to trial it?

    So is the system log in based? Is it not just a program able to be sent to someone?


    I don’t think there is any way to test it beforehand, sadly. I wish Ralf would release a test version with limited functionality – it would boost the popularity of this brilliant tool.

    The fact that it is the best at what it does (turning a huge list of PC games into semiVR) and the completely new and much better way to play them – it should be a no-brainer to pay even double or triple the current price without second thought.

    AFAIK, the program is tied to your hardware/installation, so you can’t just give it to someone else. IMO this is the most negative thing about VorpX – as soon as you have a new install/system, you need to register online again and get a new key. That means that if VorpX is discontiued (like with TriDef) you lose it as soon as you change to a new computer, or even reinstall Windows. :-(


    I can tell you $30 is not a lot for vorpX and many ppl spend $60 or more on a whim for the new Call of Duty so…

    There’s no demo but anybody who has purchased it will tell you $30 is cheaper than what it should really cost, the only way it would be a bad purchase would be if you didn’t know anything about pc gaming and only out of ignorance in using the software, which all bad reviews i’ve ever read amount to.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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