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    No, and at the same time yes in a way ;). This year’s holiday season is the last chance to get vorpX at the current price.

    The price was kept stable for more than 9 years while games got typically 20%-25% more expensive during this time. With the latest inflation spike for the first time ever there will have to be a price adjustment after the holiday season. In that sense keeping the price stable until then is this year’s Black Friday offer.

    A good salesman in this situation would probably have raised the price earlier and now offer you a faked discount on the just recently raised price, but that’s not what I wanted to do.


    Ok Ralf,
    I just got my VR headset and was waiting for your Black Friday sale.
    After reading your msg, I am heading to the checkout now.
    Happy gaming.


    What you will get with vorpx is more valuable as you can imagine, it’s just amazing. This app is some kind of a miracle ! BUT you will have to learn much more as you can imagine about the technical behind the games before you will be able appreciate vorpx. But you can ask any questions in this board, we are helpful !


    Thanks Lenny. I am looking forward to learn and have fun in VR using Vorpx.
    Such as be playing the good old SWAT in VR.
    Hope the graphic can hold up.
    NWN also come in mind.
    VR games with community mods would be amazing.l


    Schade, denn Inflation betrifft auch uns Endkunden. Der aktuelle Steam Herbstsale zeigt doch, dass es auch anders geht.


    Keep in mind that in contrast to the prices on Steam the vorpX price has been stable for more than nine years. If it had been raised during the last nine years like prices increased in general during that period, you’d pay more with a discount than you actually do currently without.


    vorpx gives you the opportunity to play a huge number of great flat games in vr. However, it must be mentioned that motion controllers are not supported. Since I only want to play in 3d while sitting with the normal gamepad, vorpx offers me exactly what I need. Meanwhile I buy games only after checking that there is a profile for vorpx. For me an absolute must as a VR fan. I can absolutely recommend vorpx.


    Minor correction: motion controllers can be used as either gamepad or fully configurable mouse/keyboard substitute. Including an intuitive ingame visualization that always displays the current mapping directly on the controllers ingame.

    And, quite a while overdue, soon there also will be configurable controller gestures.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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