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    Hello everyone,,

    I might buy an oculus rift headset in the near future and was wondering if vorp x was worth buying?

    Yes for some people. No for others. Really depends on your expectations and preferences.


    Did you answer your own question? ^^


    Okay – so what you are getting – if you want to make old games looking legitimately 3d and like stuff is in your hands (like a weapon model looks like its right there in legit 3d) or want to see stuff on the horizon look like its on the horizon – it does that. In some first person games theyve even got full tracking for your head, but you will be playing the games as normally intended, with a regular controller

    There is a quick key that is adopted in profiles to right stick click to “zoom” out the image for when a cutscene or something takes place, basically putting it on a movie screen, then you can tap the zoom button again and be back in full VR, world encompassing you in first person games or like looking thru a window in a 3rd person game, you can actually see the depth of things in the distance.

    Pesonally, ive been playing VR since DK2 and Vorpx has gotten 99% of my actual “VR’ time, most VR games at this point are simple and redundant (few examples that fix this are like walking dead, asuras wrath), but those have been slow coming. If you want a full 3d VR experience in a game that is supported, it does that.

    It supports alot more than what is ‘officially’ supported, but youll just have to see if profiles for those games exist, a good reference page is a user named RJKole’s site, but it has been down. I am attaching an image of the page when it wasnt down so you can see what games are considered to be ‘supported’ by the community with the program; meaning depth and all those sorts of things work

    For the most part games coming these days are supported by it to some degree because the engines being used are limited and not necessarily in house developed stuff as much as it used to be – so i would only expect that list of ‘unsupported officially’ titles to continue expanding.

    Its the best 40 bucks i spent on VR, far and away


    Best money I have ever spent on any software in my life. Seriously.
    That being said, do your research and know what it does/doesn’t do. For me, cinema mode games are amazing.


    Hours of playable with games that don’t support VR excellent profiles for unsupported games and excellent support. One of the best gaming investments I had made and it keeps getting better every update.


    Yes for some people that know what they’re doing. No for others the rest of morons. Really depends on your expectations and preferences. iq



    Yes, Vorpx is the best way to play most (over 700 now) Non VR Games in VR.
    Most of the Games supports G3D, which is complete realistic 3D, also with Positional Tracking like in native VR Games.
    You also get an Desktop Viewer, which is like Virtual Desktop, but with more features.


    If we’re naming extra “hidden” features, apart from the Desktop Viewer (one of the best in the market) you also get to use MPC-HC and VLC as 3D players, making them the best 3D players available.


    Yes its worth it. I’ve probably put 4-5 times more time into games VIA vorpx than native VR games.


    just for the record, also, for unsupported like 2d games – i use it just as a giant screen for 2d games like salt and sanctuary or more recently the messenger. you can make a profile for it or use big picture mode. Kick the games super sampling up so the pixels still look sharp, even if its an unsupported 2d indie game you can use big picture as a giant customizable screen, other ways of doing that, but desktop viewer is pretty rad


    worth it.


    Ive mostly used VorpX for the immersive screen feature with z-3d and its a great way to get a better experience when playing “flat” games.

    Havnt liked the Vorpx VR mode in the few games ive tried but i have still gotten hundreds of hours of use out of the software so its well worth it IMO.


    Because there are not many AAA official VR titles you need VopX to play the good games. For me VorpX is already worth to buy for Shadow of the Tomb Raider only.Never had a better VR experience than with this game and vorpx

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