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    for several different problems i have posted a lot on the forum and i sent an email to the support at vorpx email, i never get a reply about anything.

    my posts here at the forum either dont get replies or they get replies that ignore what i just wrote

    and my support email didnt get any reply at all

    i know that the $40 i paid for vorpx “doesnt entitle me to unlimited support”, but so far between the ghosting problems and the stuttering problems and some profiles just plain not working, this software has only been playable in a couple of the games i have tried out of nearly two dozen.

    obviously it’s supposed to work better than that, i’m not complaining about vorpx itself just the support i can’t get to make it work better.

    so if there is like a reddit or a discord or an irc or whatever can someone pm me about it? thanks!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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