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    Looks great in vr, only problem is it has many scenes with flat hand cutout very close to camera that you are supposed to poke things with and shader it is using is same as many objects on the scene so I cant really separate it and fix.

    Profile has positional head tracking enabled which you can use to move head further away from objects to see them better or closer to them, but often it doesnt help much in finger scenes and even breaks it when you move head to a side of a point game thinks camera should be which causes cutout finger pointing not match to what you are trying to press with it.

    Another issue is I had to used vorpx FOV enchancement to make it look better in vr but in some scenes (frog crossing road on 1st assignment) break because it only changes fov for the frog, not the rest of the scene.

    – fov enchancement might cause issues, toggle it if it does
    – head positional tracking – same story
    – water reflections are broken beyond being fixed using shader editor

    otherwise very playable and more enjoyable than vanilla

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