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    Anyone know other games running on the Quake 3 engine. I just played through Jedi Knight and it was excellent.


    That’s the id tech 3 engine, you can check out all the games using it on the wikipedia page.


    Two more good old ID3 games I can fully recommend are Return to Castle Wolfenstein (from 2001, available on Steam/GoG) and Star Trek Voyager Elite Force (not purchasable anymore I think, but worth it if you happen to have an old CD version). Both have full DirecVR support.

    BTW: I incidentally spent the last few days adding some (semi-minor) improvements to the OpenGL path after not touching it at all for a long time. You probably noticed the odd graphical glitches in the Quake III menu screen, most prominently the Q3 logo only showing in one eye. Annoying stuff like that will be gone with the next vorpX version, at least for the most part. Also ID3 and other OpenGL games won’t crash anymore when you change their resolution with vorpX active.


    Ah, wonderful news, Ralf. While i’m not a fan of OpenGL, there are some games from the past 20 years that i wouldn’t want to miss in VorpX. :)

    BTW, would this benefit old Unreal Engine games running on an OpenGL renderer as well?


    The improvements affect any OpenGL game, but I haven’t tried an Unreal engine title with the changes yet. IIRC the original Unreal was already working at some point, but I’m not 100% sure.

    BTW: The OpenGL support is more of a personal pet project than anything else. It is still limited to fairly old (‘fixed function’) OpenGL games. I’m two or three steps closer now to a point where tackling G3D for newer, shader based OpenGL might make sense, but that may or may not happen, so don’t hold your breath. There are always more important things…


    Very interesting, does Elite Force have a profile or should we be using Wolfenstain profile for example?


    It has its own profile, should work well enough already without the changes I made over the last days.

    You can just launch the game without having to care about anything except for a game restart when vorpX prompts you to do so after the resolution has been adjusted. As always with games that have DirectVR resolution support, you can select a preferred quality on the DirectVr page of the vorpX menu.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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