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    The most important thing when using PCSX2 along with VorpX is to make sure in the “Configure VorpX icon” and within the “General” tab at the top, is to make sure “Enable Expert Settings” is checked off on the right hand side.

    This gives you the options which make the game 3d, or as 3d as they are going to get:

    So have 3d strength, Depth Weighting and Focal Distance set to max.

    Also, you will need to have PCSX2 set up with these settings:

    -Config/emulation settings/go to EE/IOP. In round mode select chop/zero and in clamping mode set to normal.

    -Config/emulation settings/go into speedcheck. Set VU Cycle stealing = 2.It should give you 60+ fps mostly all the time. Note: leave EE Cycle rate alone, just leave it at 0 as it can cause problems.

    -Config/Video/Plugin Settings. Try to at least set the graphics to 4X Native. This will take away the blurriness and smooth out the graphics. Which is a must to make the limited 3d settings in VorpX pop!

    -Config/Audio/Plugin Settings. Use Linear simple okay sound. And have disable effects processing checked off.

    So that’s it, enjoy your favorite PlayStation 2 games in VR/3d!!


    If you need to improve the framerate you can also just set the resolution to 2X.


    Also, use Z normal for 3d.


    Also, if you encounter graphical glitches during gameplay or during cutscenes, lower VU Cycle stealing back down to 0.

    And just a reminder: Set the renderer to Direct 3D11 Hardware. Also, try to at least set the graphics to 2X Native (3X for better quality picture/resolution, if your computer can handle it).

    Lastly, If you have Steam and are using an XBox 360 controller make sure you go into the Steam launcher, go to “Big Picture Mode”/Config/Controllers and uncheck all controller options. If anything is checked you will have controller issues.


    Wow, I’m really excited to try this out.

    The games I’m looking at trying are the Kingdom Hearts series and Dirge of Cerberus. Trying Dirge first, but PCSX2 is doing this weird thing where half of the screen doesn’t clear each frame like it should. The wiki describes this as “bad post processing” https://wiki.pcsx2.net/Dirge_of_Cerberus:_Final_Fantasy_VII and recommends using software rendering to fix it. Eww, that’s awful. Anyone know of a way around that?

    Going to try Kingdom Hearts next.


    Yeah, I’m glad I found a way to make the 3d work. Already been playing a bunch of games!

    I’m not sure about improving the framerate other than the things mentioned above. I know that if you use software mode you can’t upscale the graphics and everything becomes a bit blurry. It’s best to use Hardware mode with 2x resolution if your computer can handle it. If anyone else knows any other tricks let us know. Also, go to Config/Emulation Settings/Speedhacks and make sure you enable all of the speed hacks. But, maybe in your case, try disabling some of them and or setting VU Cycle stealing to 0.

    Anyways, these are the best VorpX settings to get the best view with PCSX2:

    -Game is best viewed in Cinema Mode
    -Use Z-normal for 3D
    -3d strength, Depth Weighting and Focal Distance set to max.
    -Screen aspect ratio should be set to 16:10
    -Click on “More Cinema Settings”
    -Set screen curvature to 3.00 or max


    Dirge of Cerberus apparently only displays correctly in software rendering mode. The emulator’s just bugged on that game.


    Hello there can we use opengl (hardware) setting in PCSX2
    and is VORPX is same, better than the PCSX2 3D plugin ? Thanks


    Wow great work. I’m so excited to get this going. Any possibility of posting a list of working games? I can’t recall if BUST-A-GROOVE was ps2 or ps1.


    Ok guys, how does this compare to the PPSSPP VR?

    I tried getting it to work tonight and to me it just looks like a big flat pancake?! There isn’t any stereoscopic 3D that I can see.

    However in PPSSPP VR, its 3-D and virtual in some games. I’ve tested an absolute ton of games and about 30 to 40% run really well… surprisingly some of the ANIME games work the best because the backgrounds are all done up in 3D and the character just look like well little cardboard cut outs…but who cares. Anyway I’m wondering if I just have my settings done up wrong on the PCSX or what?!?


    hey man how did you get this going. the emulator pops up for me but I don’t get any kind of Z-adaptive or anything. I’ve used it with Panzer/FFX and Star Wars BF.. nothing yet.


    by chance, can you upload the profile to the cloud? do you think it also works for a ps3 emulator?


    Guys, here is an update on the settings I use. They are different now from what I first posted:

    Screen Curvature: Max
    Screen Curved Vertical: on
    3D Reconstruction: Z-Normal
    3d strength: 1.00 (going higher seems to shrink the image but I wouldn’t go past 1.75)
    Depth Weighting: 0.52
    Focal Distance: 0.02 (This is what actually turns the game into 3D) To make sure this is turned on, in the main vorpX program settings go to “Configure VorpX” and within the “General” tab at the top, make sure “Enable Expert Settings” is checked off on the right-hand side.

    If you turn off and on Z-Normal or put Focal Distance to 0.00 and back to 0.02, you will see that the game is in fact somewhat 3D with these settings on as compared to no 3D effect when they are off.


    Also, I found Immersive Screen mode looks best. And make sure Direct Mode FluidSync is turned off or the game will slow down.

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