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    Hi all I’ve just joined the VorpX forums and am looking forward to learning the ropes and chatting with you all. I have a Quest 2 and have been enjoying it. I’m now looking at other ways to utilise the headset with my library of games. So I purchased the VorpX software and look forward to learning as much as I can.

    I’ll probably bore you all to death with my noob questions but hope to also be able to help others in the future. Tonight will be about reading up and testing.

    Anyway see you all around the forums.


    Welcome! No dumb questions here, the more VorpX enthusiasts the better!


    Hello and welcome among us :)

    the community here is nice and helpful, so dont hesitate to ask something if you need to.

    you’ll see soon how vorpx is great but yeah it takes some times to get used to ^^




    Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Ok it didn’t take long for my first issue. My anti Virus software windows defender flagged part of VorpX as a Trojan and immediately removed it before I could react. I assume it was a false positive due to how the software has to inject itself. However, now my configure VorpX icon on the desktop is messed up.

    Should I uninstall VorpX now and redownload it etc. as some necessary files might be missing? any advice appreciated.


    open windows defender and on threat notification, allow the use of vorx


    Yeah that’s what I would have done but I Can’t as it’s too late it automatically removed the file and can’t find it quarrantined anywhere.


    For some reason Defender apparently hides quarantined files when the originating folder gets excluded. Experienced the same weird thing here when I checked the issue earlier.

    Just reinstall vorpX, that will replace the file. If you didn’t keep the web installer, you can get a new one any time: https://www.vorpx.com/request-new-download/

    This issue should be resolved by now BTW, in contrast to many other AV vendors MS usually is quite fast when it comes to handling reported false positives. A manual Windows update check should get you the latest Defender definitions.

    Excluding the vorpX program folder is still a good idea, prevents potential similar issues with future updates.


    Thanks Ralf pretty much as I expected, ok fingers crossed.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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