just so you know, starwars fallen order uses UE4 ^^

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    i can tell you boys, it’s going to be glorious & epic to play this game with vorpx, are you ready ? :p me yes !


    I’m still deep into Red Dead mode atm, but Fallen Order is definitely the other game I’ve had my eye on for the end of this year. Early impressions sound good and I’m happy to see it available on steam.

    Looks like Windows 8 is supported (implying dx11) so were probably in for some good UE4 G3D if we’re lucky. Could be glorious indeed. As ACOdyssey and RDR2 have recently reminded me, Z3D would also look mighty fine for this title as well.

    Little of fear have you. For with vorpX, the force is… hmmhmm… yes…


    As always, so many games come out at once. Those publishers never learn, LOL…

    But i’m one of those people who are very hyped to play JFO in VorpX. And i just love Unreal Engine’s rendering. Great times ahead!


    I use Vorpx a fair bit but still dont really understand exactly when we are ‘sure’ a future release will hook properly or not… are you saying we are pretty certain the profiles that exist should get us good VR, without needing any extra work?

    Just didnt wanna get psyched unless we are sure about this cause i am totally in for that.. maybe a first person cheatengine mod will come out afterwards too… that could be pretty cool if sekiro first person with vorpx was any indication


    We can’t know for certain, but I’ve had luck getting many UE4 games working G3D quite easy. They will almost always have shadow conflicts though, so expect to possibly disable them. On rare occasion (two indie games I’ve seen), a certain terrain texture method used may not translate into stereo (causing eye strain). This would be my main concern, but not too worried yet.

    Steph be sure to let us know, assuming you plan to jump in day one :)


    i never had any issue making ue4 games working with vorpx, with at least Z3D, and g3D working most of the time, i agree for the shadows, sometimes i have to set them to low, cause dynamic shadows sometimes dont work great, but it’s only the case with g3D is enable, with Z3D it’s flawless most of the time.

    this starwars games is a third person game, meaning it will be totally fine for me to play it in Z3D. i’ll of course try g3D also and see how it goes performance wise.

    i will come back here when i’ll be able to play the game ^^

    and yeah i’m not 100% sure that a profile will work but i’m pretty confident one of the ue4 profile will work just fine with that game.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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