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    Just wanted to say i am sorry for being a jerk and ranting like i did. but now that we have an annoucement of info on a release date for the beta in not to long thats great. Honestly seeing the other options out there, both felt rushed. So i understand now that something like this needs to be taken time to do. and theres no real since to allow people to try out something thats not quite there yet, case in point: the preception drivers and the tridef beta. both are not there yet. tridef i am really dissipointed in as i think they more or less just ripped half of the stuff from the perception drivers as i find it interesting their rendering is nearly the same with it being more long ways and how only a small “handful” of games work with it offically yet.

    plus in both cases the headtracking just isnt there yet. I find that with the Rift the headtracking is so good that when its not quite right….you feel it. tridef with Skyrim just didnt feel right the 3d was fine but the headtracking just was not quite there. Same with the perception drivers in that case the headtracking felt a bit wobbly like you would move side to side and it felt like it was swaying a bit more then it should like sideways…..

    so yeah. I am sorry i was a jerk over it. I guess i thought it would be forever, but it seems in cases like this it needs a lot of time. I think with a game driver for the Oculus Rift its better to wait till it works good then to just rush it out ..because if you rush it out and it doesnt work so well its just that more frustrating. the headtracking needs to be spot on if possible. otherwise i think it just makes the whole experience not quite there.

    so im glad that your taking the time and at least we will have a bit of news soon when the beta will be avaible just try to keep working on headtracking and making sure it “feels right” with most of the games. as i think that will be one of the biggest things :-).

    thanks for your hard work and i look foward to it when it comes out! sorry for being an a pain in the ass!


    No need to apologize. :)


    yeah but i was a bit of an ass so i thought id say that. i cant wait for it to come out but i am glad you are not doing what tridef did and rushing out a beta that really isnt that great!


    To be honest, I think its got to the point that if it was delayed even further I’d be happy! I think we’ve unfortunately got to the point where if vorpx doesn’t blow people away people are going to give up on drivers altogether. Occulus keep saying that they arn’t great anyway so most people I think are relying on vorpx to prove the concept.

    If its not perfect when its released its got to at least people think “yeah I can see how this will get there”


    lol..who’s going to give up on drivers?
    Many Rift owners I know have TriDef and are loving it. vorpX will add even more support to more games and likely improve on many that TriDef supports already so it will be win win for Rift owners.


    @ yautja_cetanu : Let me just reiterate what I always said: If you are waiting for the 110% perfect solution, wait for native titles. Only those will be specifically designed for VR. Simple as that. Although I’m not quite sure whether I understand why you ordered a devkit then. ;)

    If on the other hand you want to *have fun* with a multitude of games not specifically made for VR, and you want to have this fun right now, without rather academic comparisons to a theoretically perfect game that isn’t even announced yet, vorpX offers plenty of fun for you. That’s the promise of vorpX, nothing more, nothing less.


    Ralf, I was in the same boat as Geddings and I take back the vaporware comment along with anything else I said. Thanks for helping us have fun :)


    I didn’t take it personally, no worries. :)

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