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    I don’t get it. I’ve tried quite a few games now using vorpx to try and seek decent 3d gaming through the rift. Spent at least 15 hours, what a waste of time.

    Each Time I load up I press ‘delete’ to bring up the vorpx menu, then change the settings to get a viewable image. To me it’s very gimmicky, the program tries to get tracking support using the displayed 3d image, but it doesn’t quite work. Yes head tracking is used, but doesn’t place you in a 3d world, yes a 3d image is displayed and is great until you move your head around. It’s Basically a flat screen converted into 3d to make you believe it’s the same as a normal rift supported game but it just isn’t.

    All I want is one game to work correctly to make my down payment justifiable.

    If I don’t seek at least one, I’ll be requesting a refund.


    The most important thing to get you “into the game” is to get the FOV (field of view) right. Ideally you should have a FOV of ~120° in vorpX. This is highly important, in many ways even more important than Stereo 3D.

    Games that allow you to do this and have Geometry 3D in vorpX are indistinguishable from native Rift apps in terms of the visual experience.

    You have various options to do that depending on the game. From best to worst:

    1. Ideally a game allows you to set the FOV to 120° in its options menu, which is true for a few games, but not that many
    2. For various other games you can use the Game Optimizer in the vorpX config app, which can add the necessary tweaks automatically. More will be added here soon.
    3. For many other games you can manually edit an .ini file or use a console command. Googling for “FOV + gamename” brings up tutorials for many (maybe even most) games.
    4. If a game has no option to set the FOV in the engine itself, but has Geometry 3D support in vorpX, you can use the “3D FOV Enhancement” in the vorpX menu.

    For games that don’t allow any of the above options, you can compensate for the lack of FOV with some post process helper functions vorpX has to offer, but these come at a price (for example black bars)

    5. If absolutely no option is available to really increase the FOV in a game you can use one of the letterbox aspect ratio modes or the ImageZoom function.
    6. Alternatively there is a post process 2D FOV Enhancement in the vorpX menu that works on everything. This causes image distortion though, so this should be the last resort.

    With all these options available, almost any game can be made reasonably well playable. With the first four options you can usually get a perfect result in regard to the FOV.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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