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    The game has a first person mode.

    Please consider adding support for this game Ralf, there has been a huge demand for a Dragonball Z VR game and I suspect that adding support for the game would give Vorpx a great amount of positive publicity.

    Support for the game would sure as hell result in all the VR subreddits blowing up about it, it would be great for both VR and Vorpx, and I daresay we might even see a large influx of new people buying into VR solely because there would be a DBZ VR experience.

    Voice control activated supersaiyan transformations would be something.
    I’m pretty sure everyone who watched DBZ fantasised about transforming into a supersaiyan at some point in their lives.


    I somehow doubt that it would have such a huge impact, but I have to admit that anime themed games are clearly underrepresented as far as official profiles are concerned. As always no promises, but I’ll check it.


    hi Ralf,

    If you are looking to do some anime games Fate|Extella, attack on titan 1 & 2 and EDF earth defense force 4.1
    weird question I have a lot of profiles from tridef left over is that maybe something you can use ?

    Thank you for all the hard work put in its very much appreciated

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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