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    King’s Quest 2015 (G3D)

    Since there are recent posts regarding point and click adventure story driven games, I thought I share this profile based on the Life is Strange (Unreal 3) profile. Disabled one shader affecting light + shadows which has resulted in a very clean cartoonish G3D look. I only own chapter one so I cannot speak for the other chapters.


    – Use highest resolution you can, I have 3840×2160 16:19
    – Profile set for Immersive mode which works really well because of edge peek
    – Profile has strong 3D setting which you can change of course

    I have found that on extremely close up camera scenes, just switch to edgepeek. Avoids the cross eye…lol…Other option is to lower 3D strength but I think some scenes with the different camera perspective are really cool and good looking to view in the headset with a strong G3D.

    Profile uploaded to the cloud.



Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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