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    KURSK (steam version) (G3D)

    I grabbed this on sale for super cheap and though it looked interesting. It’s a lot of back and forth, but kind of fun to explore the old submarine. G3D is good with no real issues, although performance is quite poor, so maybe don’t expect a smooth headtracking experience if you plan to keep a respectable resolution.

    Load times between each sealed door can be annoying at times, so perhaps installing on an SSD might help some. Enjoy

    – use a 16:9 resolution (1920×1080) in windowed mode, otherwise HUD may not scale correctly, which is important for reading subtitles
    – set FOV to max 80 in game options
    – use Low graphics settings, with High textures and TAA On
    – turn Off motion blur

    *Graphics settings seem not to save after you quit, so you may need to reset them and FOV each time you launch the game
    *Switch to Z3D when using PDA/computers for better readability
    *Set G3D Shadow treatment to OFF if you prefer the darker clean look without global illumination
    *Tested on HP Reverb with mouse and keyboard, steam version only.

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