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    (Not directly VorpX related) Is it just me, or has there been a real lack of any good games to play lately?
    Maybe I’m just getting old and pickier, but actual good, meaty, massive, epic, rpg ones that I’d want to play are few and far between. A nice witcher, mass effect, deus ex, or similar would be so nice. Too bad they pushed the date of Cyberpunk back by half a year.
    Hopefully this is just slow season and we see a pick up again soon.
    Anyway, rant over.


    Yeah, I’ve been really struggling lately to get motivated to play any game (vorpx, native VR, or pancake). I think it relates more to me than the state of games but, regardless, it’s frustrating. I get so excited to try a brand new game in my backlog, but after 30-40 minutes, I’m feeling bored and tired….I worry I’m just getting lazy to learn something new (i.e. new controls, new UI, new lore, etc.). So, this is my own personal rant, and maybe my age of 46 has caught up with me. I’m thinking of maybe switching my comfort genre completely and doing something I haven’t done in years (like going back to an old adrenaline action game like Doom). Anyway, while you wait for your meaty game, perhaps you could try something completely different and out of your current comfort genre.

    As an aside, I tried vorpx this morning, but every time I try to launch a game in Steam, it forces me to restart Steam with some “update”. Without vorpx, games launch fine, but with vorpx, every launch attempt is greeted with the forced to restart Steam with some “update”.


    Lol we’re the same age exactly so must be an age thing too somewhat. I’m much pickier than I used be for things that will scratch my itch.
    No brainer super active coop games like Climbey, Windlands 2, and Jet island have been filling the void for me when I can’t get any deep rpg satisfaction.
    But I’m going to have to start replaying all my old games (again) if something decent doesnt come out soon.

    Weird about the update issue. I think I remember something like that, but pretty sure a restart or resinstall fixed it for me.


    @ forlaunchcast: That’s an issue with the most recent Steam version that was released today. They might not have liked how vorpX disables the Steam-Overlay since the last version.

    I’ll release a hotfix ASAP, for now please uncheck the ‘Try to block kwown game overlays’ checlbox in the vorpX config app. That should mitigate the issue.


    Thanks, Ralf. Yup…did the trick.

    Dborosev, funny…you know, we’re quickly approaching 47.2 which, supposedly, is the least happy age of our lives. Hang in there, bro! Once we get past that hump, perhaps we’ll see new games in a not-so-jaded light….

    As another aside, tried to get Doom 2016 working with Geometry using existing profiles but, alas, it doesn’t seem to be working. Maybe I should try Doom 3 again with that awesome VR mod….just feel like I need some brainless game with a focus on fun (as opposed to deep lore, deep crafting, deep herb gathering, etc…) to set me straight again!


    If you guys are looking for something kinda bioware style from jade empire days, I have been playing Greedfall in Vorpx with a profile someone posted, isnt G3d… but ill give you the breakdown.

    Its not as massive as like Dragon Age origins is but its got a pretty big game world and lore and looks nice in immersive screen mode and has a unique backstory, but, it has its quirks, not a gigantic game like Witcher 3 but something you might get some time out of.


    Looks a bit janky, but thanks for the tip, always appreciated. :)


    @forlaunchcast @dborosev And I thought it was just me feeling things were rather underwhelming of late.
    The evidence it’s an age thing seems increasingly compelling – I’ll be 48 in a couple of weeks!

    BTW since I am nearly at the end of being 47, I’m sorry to report I can confirm @forlaunchcast’s statistic. Although presumably that means my upcoming year is going to be better :-)


    @mrschneeps, @forlaunchcast,
    I hate it when I start a thread telling “games these days” to get off my lawn, and it ends up being an introspective look at my own mid life crisis.

    (shakes fist, mumbles about kids these days, and goes back in to play the mass effect series)


    Games suck now….. a result of the people who make them.
    I attribute it to cramming politics where they don’t belong and an entire generation raised on computers (no imagination).

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