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    Ralf, i just ran TW3 v4.01 in DX11 and it starts in G3D – it’s alternate frame rendering, and looks stunning, but i have low framerates and the stereo tearing is quite jarring.

    Tried to switch to Z3D (my favorite mode) but i have no stereo depth. Tried restart, but it switches back to DirectVR, even though i have saved Z3D into the profile. The Z3D doesn’t work with v4.01 & the vorpX profile.

    If i would install TW3 v1.31-33, would the old style Z3D work, or is the TW3 profile completely unusable with the old versions now? What about my own cloud profiles that i saved, would those still work with v1.31?


    Not sure whether that will work with the vorpX beta release, but it definitely will with the last regular vorpX. You can easily revert back to the pre 4.0 version in Steam as well in the GOG client.

    Actually that’s what I’d do myself if I wanted to play the game now. This whole ‘Next Gen’-update for the most part isn’t more than a RTX marketing stunt – at least for PC users. Downgrading the original graphics for the sake of making RTX stand out… I’m still surprised that the internet wasn’t on fire about that.

    Cloud settings you saved work with both versions. For official profiles only the user settings of profiles gets exported, not the underlying ‘system’ portion that defines the stereo heuristics. That makes stored user settings completely independent from profile breaking game updates.


    Thanks, Ralf. For now i’ve downgraded to the regular version of vorpX and TW3. I will miss some of the game- or HUD-related changes of v4.0. But the devs changed the colors of some weathers as well (the results are not convincing IMO), so in the end i’m not sad about staying with the classic version.

    It runs great in Z3D on RTX3080 + Reverb G2, and looks almost as good as G3D.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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