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    Here’s a Haunted House game I grabbed on sale for Halloween. Neat visuals and great G3D.

    Layers of Fear – G3D

    Updated profile with less artifacts
    Game settings:
    – Use 16:10 resolution (1920×1200)
    – Slide FOV to max
    – Turn off Headbob
    – Turn off crosshair

    And here’s a fun classic running great on the Source engine. Play online or offline with bots.

    GoldenEye: Source – G3D

    Download from
    * Requires Source SDK Base 2007 which will auto download with install

    – Use 16:10 resolution (1920×1200) for best FOV
    – To launch game, first delete hl2.exe from steamapps\common\Source SDK Base 2007, so it will auto download via steam upon each restart. (hook bug)

    Both game profiles were configured on Pimax 4k, so rift/vive users may need to image zoom out a few notches for best results. Enjoy!


    Hi there! Thank you for you time to create a profile.

    There is another part is out, can you do new profile for Layers of Fear 2 please?

    Or may be you can explain and i will try to do this by my own.

    Thank you!


    I don’t have LoF2 yet, still waiting for a sale. But from what I’ve read it uses Unreal 4 engine now instead of Unity (same as their other game Observer) so a Unreal Engine 4 based profile would probably work.

    I’d first try one of the Observer profiles from the cloud, then if that didn’t work I’d copy profiles of Conarium, Hellblade, and Edith Finch.

    I’ve found that UE4 games translate pretty well, with the only real bother being dynamic shadows. Sometimes turning them to Low or Off in game is good enough. Or you can enable the shader authoring tool in expert settings to cycle through them in game, activate those layers, and assign them to Do Not Render.

    Then just find an image zoom that works best for a comfortable field of view and you should be good to play. Let us know how it goes.


    Thank you! dellrifter22 the profile of Observer works! See some light and shadow gliches but all geometry seems cool!

    I hope i can improve this.

    Do you have some sugestions of the best way to tweak shadows and lights gliches?
    Its all about find necesary vertex and make it disable or non 3d or what i need exactly to do?

    Also i wont like to make text (when appear for reading) smaller. I hope its part of HUD but i think i will need to find a vertex or pixels for this.

    Oh… so many questions ) Thank you again!


    The shadows in UE4 games tend not to match eyes without much we can do about it but bare it or disable them. Some light sources you mention too. Anything you add to the Shadow set of active shaders will let you toggle them off/on in the vorpX menu.

    Yeah just open the authoring tool and start hide cycling through all the shaders until the one you want is hidden. Add it to active set below then cycle through the options to see if it resolve in any way. If you can’t make it look correct you can tell it not to render if you prefer.

    Anything you assign to the HUD viewport option will become scaleable in the vorpX menu. That is where you can control to make the HUD text smaller if you wish.

    I’m no expert on the shader tool myself, just mess around with it to figure what some things do.

    Glad geometry is working. Looks like a neat sequel, just waiting for a better price :) . Have fun learning to profile. It will help you for other games you’ll want to try in the future. Ha tonight I’m revisiting the old Black Hawk Down in g3d and scanning the shaders. Been years since I played that. Good times.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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