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    Rather than immersive screen etc, I like full VR. Anyone have a list?


    Any first person game can be played in FullVR mode. Third person games per default are usually set to immersive mode, which is what I would recommend for third person. But if you don’t mind the unusual camera movement that comes with third person games in FullVR, you can also try to play third person games in FullVR. The only games completely unsuitable for FullVR mode are games with a fixed camera, e.g. side scrollers or isometric strategy games.

    As far as FullVR games are concerned that are particularly beginner’s friendly in that vorpX adjusts (almost) everything automatically, check the Good FullVR games for Beginners list.

    More information regarding manually setting up games for FullVR can be found in the help that comes with vorpX. Checking The ‘Essential Hints’ section and the ‘1-2-3 Game Setup’ will allow you to set up any first person game for FullVR mode even if vorpX doesn’t adjust settings automatically.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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