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    Looking for a list of games that have this feature.


    Also did the authoring UI ever get implemented so we can add this feature to other games?


    Afaik it already is since ~5-6 patches ago. Wanted to try Halo but never got to do it and atm i don’t have the time


    The list is shorter currently than I’d like it to be, will check some more first person games shortly together with adding gestures. Got somewhat shoved to the backseat when I started to experiment with gestures. Same for the related authoring UI.

    With the current detection mechanism my guess would be that it should be possible to add the feature to maybe half the G3D first person games. Additional manual authoring based on shaders or buffers is thinkable and would probably be able to catch most of the other half, but would also require more work per game than the current mechanism. So no promises in that respect.

    Current games with auto weapon hide:

    Aliens: Colonial Marines
    Black Mesa Source
    Fallout 4
    Half-Life 2 and episodes
    Halo MCC (tested only on the first campaign)
    Portal 2
    Skyrim SE
    Titanfall 2


    I’ve been waiting to see how this feature might improve game profiles that I like to work on.

    I was most impressed by how well the adjustable weapon positioning and fov scaling worked in Titanfall 2. While being able to hide the gun entirely works great for some use cases, I like being able to see the detailed weapon models most of the time. Being able to scale the gun down and drop it down a bit and out from the face would help a lot to get rid of the “facegun” feeling.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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