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    When I start a game vorpx doesn`t load cloud profile or copied profile..
    I tried to assign the game.exe, but the problem still persist…
    vorpx only loads the profiles that are created on the first startup of the game, it`s seems an error during the linking of the exe





    … and again. I`m using pimax 4k, installed pitool, steam vr, windows security is blocked in group policy.
    checked basic trouble shooting giude and unistalled msi afterburner and skype.
    So initially i had the first issues with gtaV, and after the removal of msi afterburner and skype vorpx loads gtaV defaul profile and started correctly in full vr mode.
    Now i am trying fallout 4 with the defaul profile (no cloud profile imported), and vorpx loads the game in 2D immersive screen mode…
    the first attempt I have made, was to copy the original profile and reassign the fallout4.exe
    -nothing’s happened-
    the second attempt was creating shortcut as described in trouble shooting giude
    -nothing’s happened-
    the same problem with ace combact 7 (using cloud profile)…
    just for info those are cracked games…



    First and foremost: use purchased games. Who knows how your cracks work and what they do. Some may for example use different .exe names than the legit game or call some other .exe that vorpX is unaware of. Both cases would prevent vorpX from working correctly since it would not be able to recognize a game. And there are almost certainly more potential issues a crack could cause that I’m unaware of.

    That said:

    Please try a full factory reset in the config app. There is no cloud profile required for Fallout 4.

    Apart from that in case of hooking issues most likely there is a conflict with some other program. In the vast majority of cases that is the problem. You can find more detailed information on the matter in the trouble shooting post on top of this sub forum.

    Also checking the ‘Alternative Hooking’ option in the config app is worth a shot. Caveat: even if it helps with a particular game, don’t forget to switch back. It’s not better per se, and some games definitely require the defauzlt method.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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