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    As I’ve been using VorpX, I’ve really enjoyed using the Oculus Touch controllers and have come to realize how useful the Mode Shift button is for being able to bind a lot of keys to the controllers. I started wondering if it would be possible to add more mode shifts based on the controller’s location in 3D space?

    If you held your controller down at your right waist, you could have one set of mappings and another set when you hold the controller over your right shoulder. If you had left and right waist and left and right shoulder regions, you could mimic the weapon swapping behavior of RoboRecall in just about any FPS by mapping the trigger to the number key that switches to the different weapons in each region.

    If you had a region that was out in front of your body, you could bind the trigger to the “interact” key in most games so you could actually reach forward to open doors and push buttons. While it obviously wouldn’t be as accurate as the motion controls of a native VR game, I think it could increase immersion in a lot of games.

    In games like Fallout, you could assign the trigger to holster your weapon when your hand is at your right waist and bring up the pipboy on your left waist, for instance.

    I don’t know if VorpX even has the controller location data to do something like this, but I just thought I’d mention it.

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