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    N00b here so this might be answered before.
    Trying to get Vorpx to work with FFXIV on rift.

    FFXIV has a login program that’s separated from game exe file.
    Without running the login, the game won’t start.

    1) Starting FFXIV and login > games loads into world.
    2) Start VorpX > nothing happens, oculus store loads.

    If i try to load FFXIV from oculus store (from recent games) the game errors out asking me to run FFXIV_Boot.exe (the login program) and exits.

    So basically I can’t get into the game from Oculus and VorpX doesn’t hook the game (it’s DX11) automatically after I launched the game.

    Am i missing something in between?


    I’ve got this one working, although I have a Vive and not a Rift. Don’t start Vorpx untill after you have the FF14 launcher up and have put in your password. Then open up Vorpx and hit play on FF14 and it should catch like mine did. Can’t remember if you are supposed to have SteamVR started or if you need to let Vorpx start it but I’ve run into that being the case in multiple games.

    -edit Works in both versions of DX for me.


    Does this work in geometry 3d mode?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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