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    Hi guys,

    I recently bought the oculus rift and vorpX, that I am trying on Skyrim SE. first, I’d like congratulate vorpX for the work because my first experience went pretty smoothly. The game is already beautiful, but I however require some assistance to make it even better regarding the 3D. Here is my configuration (i can add more info if needed, or https://www.steg-electronics.ch/fr/article/Exzellenz-20-20192452.aspx, in french):
    – i7 6700K
    -16Go Ram
    – GTX 1060

    -First, the resolution, I tried many things, I read on this forum that best possible resolution for the oculus was: 1920×1440, is it still the case? Does that mean that above that it will not change anything about the display in the headset?

    -second, the 3D: without headset/oculus/voprX, I have no problem to run the game with several texture mods/ultra graphics, etc. I am caped at the maximum 60fps.

    With headset/oculus/voprX, with no 3D or the reconstruction (not geometry mode) at resolution 1920×1440, i am always at 45 fps (which seems to be a cap as well).

    However with the reconstruction setting Z normal and Z adaptative, any close in object/NPC have their edges tripled/doubled, with white pixels blinking at the edges. Especially the hair of NPC are a mess. I could solve that by setting 3D strength to 0 (not very useful), or by setting the sharped amount to 0, but if I do so, faraway structures look blurry. Any advice?

    Finally, geometry mode works very great with the recommended resolution 1280*1024 (45fps), but drops at 20-30 fps at 1920×1440, I would prefer to use the latter, otherwise the face of the npc are blurry if they are standing more than 1 meter from me. What is limiting my fps with the 1920×1440 resolution? My ram? graphic card? I tried monitoring the memory usage during the display, but it never go higher than 50%, so I don’t know where the limitation comes from. I would also mention that, beside resolution, other paramters doesnt seems to impact much my fps


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